It's never too late to make a new friend



It's never too late to make a new friend...


Introducing Libby London - 5 years ago, in Chelsea, our paths crossed...a coffee was swiftly arranged, a like-minded-sensible-soul was found, and a new friend made!


Libby London is the other side of a coin, and maybe, your wardrobe.


The complement to our relaxed style at NRBY, for the days when something more formal is needed. Clean, lines, great colours and versatile styling - all attributes that resonate with us at NRBY, which is why we are keen to share the love!


Jo on Libby


Libby has a lovely, ‘no-nonsense’ approach, but always combined with lots of positive energy. She says it as she sees it, (years of working in the City maybe!), but still retains an optimistic sense of curiosity – always wanting to do better for her brand – after all, it has her name on it!


Her range is skilfully curated, beautifully made, and as a result, is exceptional value.


Libby on Jo


"When I started my business Jo Hooper was (and still is!) The original queen of retail. Jo never seems to run out of steam - she is one of those rare leaders who has a special way of making things happen and manages to do it both kindness and utter determination!


Jo’s beautiful clothes are pure happiness, the collection is full of all those things you endlessly reach for in your wardrobe again and again!"