The past few months have brought challenges for us all, personal, professional, too many to list and often too private to speculate upon - each one of us feeling in a way that only WE can know...

Whoever said “Crisis accelerates change” wasn’t kidding.

Working from home “impossible”? Not so. “People won’t buy clothes to sit on their sofa”? Who says? Lisa Armstrong of the Daily Telegraph put it so beautifully when she wrote of NRBY and “the life-affirming power of getting dressed.” Sometimes we need that power.


Whatever 2020 has landed on us, all those rules about what to wear, even those self-imposed rules about what we think we should wear, have been torn up. Even in the world of hautefashion, easy dressing reigns. High heels are out, flats are in. Leave tight, restrictive dressing and welcome soft and floaty luxurious fabrics, dreamy colour and roomy styles.

And while some at this stage in the game, might want to burn their sweatpants, I’d like to upgrade mine. Is there anything more suitable for this year’s low-key winter festivities than a pair of lush velvet joggers? I don’t think so. If a friend is popping round for a glass or two, pull them on with a loose silk shirt or a tucked in t-shirt. Add some of your favourite jewellery and pad around barefoot, or slip-slop in a pointed slipper. Heading out to someone else’s place? Throw on the matching jacket. Easy, elevated style.

An oversized alpaca knit in cornflower blue, a cropped pant. A jumpsuit in dusty green and a gold chain or a wrist full of bracelets. A polka dot silk dress that makes a statement and still leaves room for dessert. Make it easy, take it easy. It’s the dressing up you’ve dreamed of. Enjoy.

Clothes for Home and NRBY [Nearby].