Our focus on fit and natural fabrics means that NRBY garments are about style, not fashion. This means these timeless shapes, in silk, cotton and cashmere will be part of your wardrobe for so much longer, and are designed to be worn every day.

NRBY Clothing


Our garments are made in a small number of expert, often family-owned businesses in Portugal, India and China. We have built relationships with these businesses over 25 years in the industry, and they meet the highest standards of ethical trading.


Our “Not-So-Fast” approach underpins everything we do.


  • All natural and washable.
  • A characteristic of all our fibres in their bio-degradability – at the end of their life cycle they can re-enter the eco-system.
  • All cotton, either jersey or yarn, is BCI certified.
  • Our cashmere is GOTS certified.
  • Our viscose, as well as being sourced from wood fibres, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way is sourced from Lenzing™.
NRBY Clothing NRBY Clothing NRBY Clothing
NRBY Clothing

Dead Stock

  • Since the beginning of our journey in 2019, we have been happy to utilise what the industry describes as “dead stock”.
  • This is leftover fabric or cancelled fabric that may have been collecting dust in a factory or mill warehouse.
  • Whether jersey or broderie or checks or linen, you may have spotted our limited-edition usage of these fabrics, that were already in the supply chain, but unused.
  • It’s a super-efficient way of not adding further to the supply chain, but rather solving a problem creatively!


  • Our back neck labels are made from recycled polyester yarn.
  • Our hangtags are made of bamboo paper (both a sustainable and renewable alternative to paper).
  • Our hangers are made of both recycled and recyclable card.
  • Our mailing bags are made of both recycled and recyclable plastic.
  • Each of our orders, whether in-store or online is sent out in a re-usable cotton tote bag (produced in India, supporting a social business venture visit
NRBY Clothing