Our focus on fit and natural fabrics means that NRBY garments are about style, not fashion. This means these timeless shapes, in silk, cotton and cashmere will be part of your wardrobe for so much longer, and are designed to be worn every day.

NRBY Clothing

Our ethos

  • We all need to figure out a lifestyle that is sustainable.
  • Here at NRBY, we have a strong commitment to reducing our impact on the planet. This is founded upon our underlying ethos of using natural fabrics that are washable and wearable – lasting forever.
  • We’re underpinned by an assurance that our clothes are high-quality, versatile, sustainable through use and ethically produced. And by making clothes you want to keep, help to reduce the volume of clothes consigned to landfill.
NRBY Clothing

Our Fabrics

  • The first step to sustainability in our brand of fashion is avoiding man-made fibres wherever possible – our focus on low impact, recyclable, lasting materials; silk, cotton, linen, is just part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impression.
  • Our cottons come from Europe, Tunisia, and India. Our cotton, denim, twill, and jersey are all made using BC Cotton (part of the Better Cotton Initiative, upholding standards, and practices in cotton farming).
  • Meanwhile our linens, produced from flax, don’t cause any harm to nature. This is because growing the plant doesn’t exhaust the soil, and flax works as a rotation crop. Swapping the plant every 6-7 years can boost soil quality.
  • Linen plants grow quickly, naturally so there is no need to feed them or treat them with pesticides and do not require irrigation as the crop grows with rain fall alone.
  • The reduction in water wastage and fully biodegradable nature of the fabric makes linen one of our absolute favourites for good reason!
  • 97% of our range is washable too – this helps us to avoid the need for dry cleaning and harmful chemicals…
NRBY Clothing NRBY Clothing NRBY Clothing


  • Since the beginning of our journey in 2019, we have been happy to utilise what the industry described as ‘dead stock’.
  • This is leftover or cancelled fabric that may have been collecting dust in a factory or mill warehouse.
  • Whether jersey or broderie or checks or linen, you may have spotted our limited-edition usage of these fabrics, that were already in the supply chain, but unused.
  • It’s a super-efficient way of not adding further to the supply chain, but rather solving a problem creatively!
NRBY Clothing
NRBY Clothing

Our Makers

  • We’ve carefully and personally chosen all our suppliers in Europe and Asia. They are often family-owned businesses, passed down from father to son and father to daughter.
  • Because of these close, transparent relationships we guarantee a high quality every season, and importantly know exactly where our clothes are coming from.
  • We always ensure that our manufacturers and suppliers are upheld to the highest industry standards and codes of conduct, through regular ethical audits by bodies such as SEDEX.

Our Packaging

  • Good things come in sustainable packaging! Our mailing bags, tissue paper, and hangers are all made from recycled materials and are recyclable themselves. Whilst our hangtags are made from bamboo instead of paper, as well as using tote bags instead of plastic!
  • We also choose to work alongside DPD and Royal Mail who are both extremely committed to reducing their environmental impact through their ever-growing fleet of electric vehicles…
  • Sustainability is as important to us as it is to you – that’s why we want to figure out a lifestyle that is sustainable. It won’t be easy, but it is doable. We can do it. We must do it.
NRBY Clothing